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Please note: Appliance manuals may vary in detail to the serial number and year please request a specific manual.

system user guides - system controls, & user manuals.

Wifi programmable & RF Links

422 wifi series controls (MC6) for these controls there are various versions with subtle differences please contact us.


425 Colour touch screen WiFi

425 App instructions for pairing and use


RF Link - Missed a wire? this is the answer

439 Mainslink RF device

Using your system guides

Getting the most from your under floor system

Getting the most from your Radiator system


Warmflow DHW cylinders Manual

056 Heat IQ Magnetic Filter maintenance

IQ UFH Manifold instructions

Banico motorized valves instructions

Thermostatic Radiator valves description and operation guide

System pressure - topping up your system

Buffer tanks Where to use them and why


  System mechanical schematics. 

System boiler schematics

System boiler with radiators only

System boiler with 2 radiator zones

System boiler with underfloor only

System boiler with radiators and underfloor

System boiler with radiators and DHW

System boiler with underfloor and DHW

System boiler with radiators, underfloor and DHW

System boiler 2 radiator zones and DHW

System boiler 2 underfloor manifolds

System boiler with Fancoils underfloor and DHW

Combination boiler schematics (On demand DHW)

Combi Boiler with Radiators

Combi boiler with Underfloor

Combi boiler with Radiators & Underfloor

Air to water HP schematics

ASHP with buffer and underfloor

ASHP with buffer underfloor and DHW (via 3 way valve)

ASHP with buffer and two underfloor manifolds

ASHP with buffer underfloor and fan coil radiators

ASHP with buffer underfloor fan coil radiators and DHW

All Schematics are indicative and are not verified working drawings to follow. Any detail must be reviewed by the/your installing contractor No liability is accepted.  



  System wiring schematics.

Heat pumps, Wiring Generic schematics.


Other Wiring schematics






Underfloor related










Electrical work must be carried out by a suitably NZ qualified contractor. These generic schematics show typical layout only. The electrical contractor must review and verify suitability.

These are not Verified working drawings. no liability is accepted


  Terms & Conditions, Warranty, Product compliance.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of trade

Refunds on returned product - Limitations

Freight damage Policy

Indent order items Policy



All Our Heating appliances require submission of warranty registration. Appliances must be serviced annually by a competent person as prescribed in the service schedule.

Our Warranty Statement .

Warranty registration form copy As provided with appliance

Warranties - All boilers purchased before April 2017

Making a claim under warranty

Appliance warranty claim form

Service requirements during the period of warranty.

Council compliance

UFH pipe installation requirements

SDOCs (conformity declarations)

417 / 418 programmers

419 Differential thermostat

IQW Heat pumps

Beretta Exclusive gas boiler (Electrical)

Vokera Vision boilers (Electrical)

Towel rail elements

108 / 099 / 077 Circulation pumps

Banico Motorised valves 

Diesel boilers (Burner)

Diesel boilewrs (electrical)