We Know Heating

 We supply efficient and effective heating system packages and components for New Zealand's homes. 

High quality products combined with attention to customer service  heave established our position as a preferred supplier to New Zealand's hydronic heating installers.

In an industry where so many products are notably over priced. Our policy is to  offer, competitive pricing reflective of the cost in the EU or UK.

Our commitment to quality and our customers is backed by heat source appliance warranties of up to 7 years, arguably the best in our industry.

Our formal warranty is available to view. 

Genuine passion

At the core of our business are strong partnerships with leading European manufacturers which ensure we can offer the best value heating products & system packages for your new or existing home.

Though we do not install systems, we do promote and encourage high standards from installers. Heat IQ offer training courses for trade customers as well as technically supporting a nationwide network of installation contractors who are periodically peer reviewed by us and  accredited under Network IQ.

Network IQ accredited contractors commit to work to a high standard. They take full responsibility for, and independently warrant their workmanship. 

Their commitment is reflected by our enhanced appliance warranties.

Importantly Network IQ accreditation is gained through assessment. A contractor can't simply pay a fee and adopt credibility!

Visit Network IQ to find your nearest installer

"Lets Talk "

It is all too easy for a website to promote a company as expert in its field! in reality it is the depth of knowledge and credibility of those behind the storefront that really matters.

If you would like to talk directly to a "genuine" heating systems expert then feel free to give us a call or drop us an e-mail via the contact us page.

We are here to help with sound advice and answers to your questions.

Bringing heating home - To your place

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