Pipe & Fittings Multilayer

The pipe system forms the arteries and veins at the core of your heating system. it will need to stand the test of time,

MT Fittings are made in Spain. Used in conjunction with laser but welded Pex Aluminium Pex Multilayer pipe, they are undoubtedly among the best pipe fittings available in NZ.

Download Guide to use of press fittings


100% oxygen ingress protected with almost no scale build up potential.

Mechanically press crimped fittings with superior seal and no chance off accidental disconnection.

Manufactured to certified standards. They are suitable for use in heating systems


MT Fittings can be crimped using either TH or U type pressing Jaws

So for example if you have Ginde / Rifeng or other tooling for 16 -20 25 and 32 mm fittings you are good to go

Pipe 20 mm x 50 m

Layer 1 SOLD-OUT

$197.83 Quick View

Pipe 32 mm x 50 m

Layer 1 SOLD-OUT

$470.37 Quick View

Pipe 32 mm x 25 m

Layer 1 SOLD-OUT

$241.64 Quick View