Kitset packages, Radiators

Radiator packages are available in three sizes

7 Radiators 11 KW

9 Radiators 15 KW

12 Radiators 20 KW

Available as Gas and Diesel boiler options

Select your radiators from the Caloree range.

Use the 75/65 KW output ratings to achieve the package KW allowance

Download a list of sizes and outputs here

The price you see includes GST and freight to a main center location.

If you require delivery to a rural address an additional charge of $65 applies

If you require a quote for installation

We can put you in touch with an accredited installing contractor in most areas.

Because we prefer to clarify the detail and ensure you get just what you require, the packages are displayed as out of stock.

They are available to purchase

To purchase a kit-set system please call us on

06 344 7392