Kitset packages, Underfloor

Under-floor packages are available in 3 sizes

6 loop 4 control zones for up to 125 sq m living

8 loop 4 control zones for up to 170 sq m living

10 Loop 6 control zone for up to 225 Sq m living

With Gas, Diesel and Air to water Heat pump heat source options

When selecting the correct package first take your total floor area.

Then deduct, the floor area of your garage, all fitted non walk in wardrobes, The area of your kitchen cabinetry, and the area of your pantry if you have one. Then deduct a further 4 sq M  

This will give you a good guide to heated floor area.

The prices shown include GST and Freight to a main center location.

A Minimum additional charge of $65.00 will apply if you require delivery to a rural address

If you require a quote for installation

We can put you in touch with an accredited installing contractor in most areas