System Design

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In New Zealand there is no formal heating engineer qualification. Installers are often self taught "some better than others" or they will have qualifications gained in other parts of the world. 

Regardless of this we do have a growing home heating industry with many enthusiastic and dedicated installers, 

To be sure you are getting good advice you require you need an expert on side right from the beginning with in depth knowledge to advise and recommend options.




We have the heating knowledge and expertise to assist you....
Our team includes UK trained experts with formal qualifications and over 35 years heating systems experience, providing design for underfloor and radiator heating systems with user friendly energy efficient controls.

Simply send us a copy of the drawings for your project and we will evaluate and offer you a system recommendation, along with a  system  overview detail schematic and our fully itemised quote for the materials package.

We can even include a Quote for installation by an accredited Network IQ Installer.
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Then attach a copy of your floor plan drawing in PDF format  

(A copy of the elevations is also useful but not essential)


IMPORTANT NOTE When providing Free of charge dsign detail to support a quote we are working from limited information provided, if you have known specific requirements please include any detail with your rquest. 

We adopt a 21 degree design temperature for living rooms and 18 degree design temperature for berooms, placing appliances and components using system logic annd experience.

Our schematics  are provided for the purpose of quoting and should not to be considered a final and or definative design unles verified,  It remains the responsibility of the customer and or their installing contractor to verify that all aspects of the installed system meet any specific requirements of the user and New Zealand building code,.we accept no liability in relation to un verified detail. 

Only where our design has been invoiced and is maked with our verification stamp as a working drawing can it be assumed to be a verified design to follow. 


Radiator and under floor heating systems - Gas and diesel boilers - Air to water  heat pumps -ground source heat pumps - valving  and control components - Pipe, Fittings and insulation.  If its related to hydronic central heating systems  for your home and we don't  have it, it probably is not worth your consideration.
Good design equals a great system!