Gas Fired Radiator system with 7 Radiators up to 11Kw

Radiator heating is the most prolific heating in the UK where 97 % of all homes have a heating system. arround 70% of those use radiators to transmit heat Our radiator system packages are exceptional value and super efficient 

This package is buit arround the Vokera 20S condensing system boiler this boiler is rated Band A by Sedbuk in real enviironment testing the UK, the highest rating possible. The package includes up to 7 radiators with a total output of up to 11KW and comes with thermostatic control for all radiators a 7 day programmer the package also includes a pipe, fittings and insulation pack.

We can tailor a kitset to suit any home "Just ask we are happy to help"

A full breakdown of this package is available on request contact our sales team on 06 3447392