Apples with Apples

It is our belief that the take up of quality hydronic heating in New Zealand's homes has in part been held back by unrealistic product pricing.


Here in New Zealand there exists a culture of over valuing products and hiding behind the standard excuses of, geographic isolation, supply and demand in a small population and the logistics of after sales support to customers.

Of course, there are some on costs, but nothing to justify heating products costing up to three times the relative cost of the same products sourced in the UK or Europe.

We  believe fair and reasonable pricing equates to better business, thus we offer the best possible price every time.

We carry over 1.5 Million dollars worth of stock,  sourced from leading manufactures and of comparable quality and price ex manufacturer. Our freight costs from Europe are just the same. 

In an effort to justify their higher pricing, some of our competitors have begun to turn to another old line of defence.... and we agree Yes...

"You do get what you pay for"  In our case,                                                                                                                                                     Genuine products priced competively and technically suported


Whats more offer you the same or often better product guarantees.!

Above all we have the knowledge and expertise to support all our products and take pride in doing so. We simply wont stock anything we cant suppoprt technically, 







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Radiator and under floor heating systems  - Gas and diesel boilers  - Air to water  heat pumps - ground source heat pumps - valving  and control components - Pipe - Pipe, Fittings and insulation if its related to hydronic central heating systems  for your home and we don't  have it, it probably is not worth your consideration 
European style home heating...  is our passion