Apples with Apples


There is a culture in our industry of over pricing products and hiding behind the standard excuses of, geographic isolation, supply and demand in a small population and the logistics of after sales support. 

Of course there are some on costs, but nothing to justify heating products that are costing up to three times the relative cost of the same products sourced from UK or European merchants. 

Our products a cost about the same ex the manufacturers. Our freight costs from Europe are the same, our costs to store dispatch products are also comparable.  

We simply believe fair and reasonable pricing is the way you build and develop repeat business, thus we offer you the best possible price every time.

Likewise we believe a business is only as good as its service and this does not stop at a sale.

Our formal written warranty is clear and transparent, it is also unique in our industry 

We are proffessional in our approach our focus is on the long term commitment we have made to our specialist field, not short term profit from a growing market. Above all we have the knowledge and expertise to support all our products and take pride in doing so.


"We look forward do doing business with you soon"







Radiator and under floor heating systems  - Gas and diesel boilers  - Air to water  heat pumps - ground source heat pumps - valving  and control components - Pipe - Pipe, Fittings and insulation if its related to hydronic central heating systems  for your home and we don't  have it, it probably is not worth your consideration 
European style home heating...  is our passion