"We really do Know Heating"

We do not proffess to be the biggest supplier, niether will we sel you a line that our products are somehow better than those of our competitors, though you can be assured that they are at least comparable!

What we will say is, we are genuine experts in home heating systems and we will go the extra mile to ensure you get the best system advice and product options for your home

Our business is built around knowledge which includes qualified professional heating engineers from the UK with many years of heating systems, controls and energy management experience.

We always have an expert on hand, and we are happy to help.

We are the appointed NZ distributors to some of the leading European manufacturers as well as having our own range of quality branded products.   

Within our website you will find a wide range ofInformation to assist you, along with our on line store.  


System Installation by approved contractors

Network IQ      

Though we can supply and support your chosen contractor, we reccomend Accredited installers.

Network IQ is nationwide network of  installing contractors with proven heating systems experience that have achieved accreditation through us. 

When you work with Network IQ  you can be sure you are working with a heating expert and because we can be sure your installation is to a standard, Your system is covered by an enhansed IQ warranty.

Expertise   :   Knowledge   :   Experience

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Radiator and under floor heating systems - Gas and diesel boilers - Air to water  heat pumps - ground source heat pumps valving  and control components - Pipe, Fittings and insulation.

If it is related to hydronic central heating systems  and we don't  have it, it is probably is not worth  consideration