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Our passion is heating, Our aim is to help, we hope you find our website easy to navigate interesting and informative. 

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For assistance with system options, a detailed design, or package quote we are happy to help. 

When we say  "We know heating"  it is because we really do!

For assistance with system options, system design, or a package quote we are happy to help. 

Our detailed understanding of all things heating is what sets us appart 

Our team is built around expertise that includes formally qualified professional Heating engineers from the UK with many years of heating design and energy management experience.

For assistance selecting system options, a system design and or package quote we are happy to help.

We supply products to a growing number of plumbers and installing contractors throughout NZ, some of whom we work with closely, recognising their skills and passion for heating.  

These intallers have undergone accreditation for Network IQ
A nationwide network of accredited installing contractors who work with our products and have proven heating systems experience.

Network IQ installers can offer our enhansed warranties


Network IQ  turning houses into truly comfortable homes. 

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Radiator and under floor heating systems - Gas and diesel boilers - Air to water  heat pumps - ground source heat pumps - valving  and control components - Pipe, Fittings and insulation.

If its related to hydronic central heating systems  for your home and we don't  have it, it probably is not worth your consideration 
Central heating is our passion.

We dont aim to be the biggest, just to be professional in what we do. 


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